Софтвер Regula Forensic Studio

Овој софтвер е наменет за експресна проверка на автентичноста и детална проверка на пасоши, лични карти и други документи, како визи, банкноти, возачки дозволи, талони за МПС, потписи и ракописни шрифтови, примероци и други документи со заштита против фалсификување.

Овој професионален софтверски производ се користи за извлекување и обработка на слики при работа со уредите на Regula.


  • Управува уреди на Regula;;
  • Извлекување, обработување и анализирање:
    • visual data — images — from:
      • Regula devices
      • other image input devices (video grabbers, scanners etc.)
      • graphic files
      • information reference systems
    • non-visual data, e.g. data from an RFID tag
  • Storing examination results in a local database
  • Comparing examination results with reference images from information reference systems
Секции Описание Интерфейс
  • Providing access to basic settings of the program (a list of users, language, etc.).
  • Maintaining the hierarchical structure of examination data (the list of documents and their contents)
External devices
  • Working with external devices
  • Capturing video images and obtaining non-visual data
  • Additional processing of life video
  • Two ways of comparing two still images or a still image and a video image:
    • overlay using different processing algorithms
    • automatic superposition of examined objects guided by two or more points with the possibility to adjust the scale, rotation angle and transparency
  • Carrying out various types of image examination
  • Saving examination results for further use
  • Modifying images with the help of various tools
  • Recording macros for processing images, including video images
  • Creating animated and generalized images of examined objects

Multilingual interface

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Latvian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • any other language (at customer’s request)


  • Forensic services
  • Banking institutions
  • Border control/immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Visa support agencies, consulates, notaries
  • Law-enforcement authorities
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents

Комплектът включва

  • A software protection USB-dongle with a limited update license for providing access to the information reference system

The USB dongle is not required when using Regula Forensic Studio with Regula devices.

PC requirements

  • Minimum configuration:
    • OS — Microsoft Windows XP (SP3)
    • processor — Intel® Core™ Duo / Atom
    • RAM — 2 GB
    • minimum HDD free space — 1 GB
    • display resolution, pixels — 1024×768 (4 : 3) or 1024×600 (16 : 9)
  • Recommended configuration:
    • OS — Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1)
    • processor — Intel® Core™ i5 3.0 ГГц
    • RAM — 4 GB
    • minimum HDD free space — 1 GB
    • display resolution, pixels — 1600×1200 or higher
  • Криминалистични отдели;
  • Финансиски институции;
  • Извршни органи;
  • Гранични и имиграционни служби;
  • Царински органи;
  • Конзулати;
  • Нотарски канцеларии;
  • Осигурителни компании;
  • Други служби и организации, оторизирани да проверяват лични документи.


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